Empowering Women  

Location:  Brick City Exchange  

40 SE. Magnolia  Exd # 101  

Ocala, Florida 34471 

Date: September 16, 2017 

Time: 5pm 

Cost: $20 

Includes: Snacks and Sangria, Informative Storytime, 60ml Deodorant, Custom   

Scent Blend, Pit Detox Kit, & 10% storewide discount 

Have you been wanting to switch to a natural deodorant, but are afraid it will abandon you during your workout or work day?  Have no fear, Shoogie is here!!! Learn about all the organic, natural, fantastic ingredients that go into every bottle of Shoogie, and how they help empower women around the world. Then, create your own personalized scent blend.  Drop your new custom scent into your very own Shoogie Deodorant and take home a Pit Detox Kit to start you on your journey to a natural, stink free solution. Sip Shoogie Mama Sangria with us and enjoy 10% off everything in the store at Brick City Exchange. 

Call to reserve your spot, spots are limited to the first 25 patrons…352.622.2588.