• Natural Beauty from the Inside Out

  • Healthy Holiday Recipes

  • Purchasing Power

    I have experienced what it is like to not have and I have worked for what I do have...I should inform people about their purchasing power and how it is making a difference."
  • Empowering Women Workshop

    Learn about all the organic, natural, fantastic ingredients that go into every bottle of Shoogie, and how they help empower women around the world. Then, create your own personalized scent blend.
  • Great Balls Of Fire!

    I begin cooking dinner and about 20 minutes later I hear a suspicious noise on the porch. Then someone is howling and swearing. Next comes a fumble for the door handle as he bursts in...
  • Longing for a Stinking Cure

    For 14 years of my life I put "poison" on my pits and was doomed to an early death by heavy metals and talcs and parabens apparently...So, imagine my surprise when I went for a yearly breast exam and they found something around my breast tissue in my armpit...and my mom's words came back to bite me in the butt 14 years later...you are putting "poison" into your body.

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