Shoogie Company was founded in 2014 out of my kitchen after a girl’s weekend. I had been making my own deodorant and other natural products since 2008 after the doctor found a lump in my armpit and breast tissue area. My friend Laura had forgotten to pack her deodorant that weekend and asked to use some of mine. It worked for her so well, she asked where I bought it from. I told her I had been making it and some other things for years now after my scare. She told me she was opening her shop in our downtown area in 3 weeks and she requested I put some for sale in there, and that is how Shoogie Company was born. I went from making it for my family and close friends to making it for others. 

I believe that beauty comes from the inside and radiates outwardly. Making Shoogie skincare is no exception. Every ingredient is selected based on how it can benefit your skin and it is 100% natural and mostly organic. I don’t cut corners, I don’t add fillers, and I don’t add chemicals to make the shelf life longer. What you put onto your skin, which is your largest organ, eventually goes into your body, so making sure my ingredients are food safe and beneficial is very important to me. I made these skincare items for myself and for my babies, and we all know babies put everything in their mouths, so if it wasn’t edible, I didn’t put it in there. 

I also have another mission close to my heart, and that is to make sure I am mindfully sourcing all these amazing ingredients from places and farms that support their working community. The unrefined Shea Butters that are used in almost every skincare recipe I make is sourced from a small village of women in Ghana and in Burkina Faso, Africa. There, the women take care of their children while working making the Shea Butter and with the money earned from production, they can then send them to school and contribute monetarily to their household, which gives them a voice in their community matters. 

Now, let’s talk about the outside. The packaging is simple and understated and that’s because I believe in being a good steward of our natural resources, which is why you will notice that all shoogie containers are made from recycled plastics, glass and papers and can also be further recycled…and that includes the labels as well. I offer a $1 discount to anyone whom brings back their clean, empty shoogie jar to be refilled. Reusing items is better than recycling as it helps reduce the amount of fossil fuels and energy needed to convert the items into something new. Now that you know where we stand on things, give me a call and let me make something for you. I promise you will love it, it will make your body happier than all the chemicals you have been unknowingly probably been putting on it, and it will be something you can take pride in because you helped create your own scent for your body care products. Oh, and did I mention that they WORK…amazingly!  Check out our 30 day before and after pictures of some of our clients or try them for yourself.  

Give Me a Ring (352.438.7490) and we can set up a day and time to do your scent profile and I will drop in your custom scent into any Shoogie Company deodorant or skincare product of your choosing at no cost. This is one of the custom services offered and I also do Shoogie parties where you can gather a group of friends to do this with and leave with something you helped create. After the party I will keep the scent profiles on file and I can drop it into any of your future purchases.  Customized skincare and deodorants make excellent holiday, birthday, bachelorette, bachelor, baby, or wedding gifts. I also offer a hospital package that can be mailed to any hospital in the US with the essential items needed to keep them fresh and comfortable.  It also includes a vintage surprise book or novel as well to help keep the boredom at bay.